Basic Video Production

Basic Video Production and Editing Concepts

Student will learn basic video production terminology, shot framing, story construction, and editing concepts using Windows Movie Maker.


Required Background

To successfully begin this course, you must

  • Have basic computer knowledge

  • Know how to transfer photos and videos from your cellular device or camera to a computer

 Required Materials

To successfully complete this course, you will need

  • Photos and/or short video clips to edit

  • A 32GB or larger flash drive on which to store projects.


Week 1 - Students will learn the basic video production terminology, shot framing, and story construction.

Week 2 - Students will learn about pre-production, including two-column scripts and how to prep footage or images for importing into Windows Movie Maker.

Week 3 - Students will learn basic navigation skills for Windows Movie Maker,  how to import footage, and about cut points.

Week 4 - Students will learn about transitions, title screens, and will begin to edit their projects.

Week 5 - Students will learn about music and sound effects and finish editing projects.

Week 6 - Students will learn to export projects in a file format suitable for YouTube upload as well as exporting to DVD.