Computer Basics

Computer Basics

If you know someone that has little to no computer experience then this is the class to help them plug into the digital world.

Welcome to the World of Computers, We will cover basic computer tasks using Windows, typing with a word processor, navigating the web, and working with email.  Every student will be interacting with a computer while the teacher provides instruction.    
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General Information:

Class meets twice a week for 3 weeks.

Class 1 - Windows Basics Class 2 - Programs, similarities, and features 
Class 3 - Devices attached to the computer Class 4 -  Web pages, browsing,  and searching
Class 5 - Fun with preinstalled programs Class 6 - Project and overall review 

Ground rules:

Two-minute Rule - When you work at the computer, don't struggle with a task that is not working for more than two minutes before asking for help.

NDQ Rule - There are no dumb questions in our classroom.  All questions are welcome.

Interruption Rule - Interruptions are welcome.  Feel free to raise your hand to ask a question at any time.  If you need a break feel free to take one.