This course introduces the basics of refrigeration systems.  The Adult night school courses are broken down into four components.  The courses start in August and finish in May.  
What you will learn:

HVAC 1  covers topics ranging from: tools, fasteners, tubing, copper, soldering/brazing, thermodynamic principles, the relationship of temperature and pressure, system components, refrigerants, service procedures (recovery/recycling, evacuation, leak detection, charging), metering devices, troubleshooting, and compressors.

HVAC 2  builds on the information and covers: compressor service, chillers, electrical principles, motors, electrical control devices, defrost cycles, duct work, customer relations, and heat pumps.  The course will also introduce the following heating systems: gas, oil, and electric.

HVAC 3  covers a variety of topics: electricity and magnetism, various thermostats, pressure controls, gauges, gas laws, P/T charts, basic refrigeration system and cycle, evaporating and  condensing units, service valves, heat exchanger, and regulating valves.  

HVAC 4  starts preparing students to take the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) 608 exam.  This course will also cover: refrigerant mixtures, lubricants,  contaminants, controlling low-side and high-side pressures, automatic expansion valves, Montreal Protocal, and the Clean Air Act (CAA)

Optional Courses to consider:

Beginning Electrical

Hands on Wiring/Diagrams