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Article from "MCS Inside the System, 1/31/2017"
Clay-Battelle student Alex Love (pictured) completes an order of 100 scrub tops and 400 T-shirts MTEC's Your'nique Simulated Workplace creative design studio recently completed for MCS Nutrition Services staff.  Each Nutrition Services staff member received his/her choice of five of the custom-designed shirts.  Graphic design instructor Tonia Fry noted that You'nique has designed and printed shirts for students enrolled in all 18 Simulated Workplaces at MTEC, as well as for the MHS wrestling team and UHS TSA chapter.  The student-led company's largest order to date was 650 T-shirts produced for the Mineral County Career Center last year.  You'nique also is a member of the graphic design team working with Dr. Kathy D'Antoni, WDVE chief career and technical education officer, to develop a collaborative marketing campaign promoting CTE across the State.