Cooking Fundamentals I

Cooking Fundamentals Part I: 6-Day Series

Anyone looking to gain confidence and intuition in the kitchen needs to learn some basic skills and techniques. Aimed at the novice cook, Fundamentals One will show you how to plan, prep, and season, and introduce quick sautés and comforting braises over the course of this six-session series. Each session we will cover methods and ratios that act as "base recipes" from which you'll be able to prepare many variations. The toolkit you develop over the course of this series will help you understand the basics of how and why things work in the kitchen, how to make food with balanced flavors and proper seasoning, and how to execute a basic set of fundamentals skills.

Once you complete the series, you can graduate to Fundamentals Two where your focus will dive much deeper into the next level of kitchen skills.
A week-by-week breakdown of the syllabus is as follows:

Session One: PREP
Learn to take control of your chef’s knife: slicing, dicing and improving
your prep skills, and understand which kitchen tools are really essential for the home cook.

Session Two: PLAN
Learn the art of timing in the kitchen while becoming more efficient through
organized prep and planning, or “mise-en-place”. We will cover how to read a recipe, stock a pantry, and which cookware to use for all your tasks.

Session Three: SEASON
Seasoning food and balancing flavors in an art. We will practice it many times, starting with how to properly use salt, make vinaigrettes, prepare homemade stocks, and create dishes that taste amazing.

Session Four: SPICE
Identifying herbs and spices, and knowing when to use them, always makes your cooking game stronger. You'll learn how some basic dishes, such as rice, braised vegetables, gratins, and even meatballs are taken to a whole new level once you know how to properly season.

Session Five: SAUTÉ
Sauteing is an essential cooking method and properly sauteed proteins can be the base for a simple but bold pan sauce once you know a few key tricks. You'll try several variations, and also start some simple baking lessons with light, fluffy biscuits, and your new go-to basic butter cake.

Session Six: STEW
Braising and Stewing let you take tougher cuts of meat and cook them until they are melt-in-your-mouth tender. From a Thai Curry to a Coq au Vin, the methods are basically the same and you'll master them in a way that lets you create your own amazing dishes.

Each class concludes with a meal around the table, enjoying what you and your fellow classmates have cooked using your newly acquired skills...
What about perfecting beef, chicken, seafood and even cooking without a recipe? You can look forward to completing your foundational skillset through intensive applications in Cooking Fundamentals Two.

Note: This class is a required prerequisite for Cooking Fundamentals Two.
This class is an immersive, hands-on cooking class. You will be on your feet cooking most of the time so please wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes.