Satisfactory Academic Progress



(as it pertains to Title IV Funding)


When enrolling in a clock-hour program at MTEC, students are expected to complete the program within the 9 to 12 months designated for the period of enrollment for the particular program.


When a student is exited due to poor academics, he/she can be readmitted on a probationary basis for no more than one additional semester.  Students would be required to complete the program within 150% of the program length (students would be required to complete within three semesters, rather than the two initially scheduled).  Each semester is 450 hours and financial aid payments are based on 450 hours per semester.


Due to unforeseen circumstances, it may be necessary for a student to reduce his/her hours of enrollment to take a leave of absences and therefore the period of enrollment could be extended to no more than one additional semester (150% of the program length).


Students must meet the standards of satisfactory academic progress (SAP) which includes a C average (75%) (All Health Occupation’s programs require 80%) and no more than 1 absence per month (absences not to exceed 10 for the nine- to twelve-month period of enrollment).


Students are counseled regarding academic and attendance deficiency.  If a student is not meeting the SAP as of the end of the semester, the student may be exited from the program.  If a student does not meet the SAP policy at the checkpoint (end of the semester) they are no longer Title IV eligible, unless an acceptable appeal is documented.


Students can appeal the determination of SAP and the termination of financial aid to the Health Occupations Coordinator or MTEC Principal/Director based upon extenuating circumstances.  In such cases, the Coordinator/Director may determine that the student is making satisfactory progress toward his/her certificate despite the failure to conform within the time frame or minimum grade average.


Students who are exited may apply for readmission the following school year* and would need to repeat the semester in which they did not meet the standards.  Coursework can be repeated only one time and the most recent grade will be retained for transcript purposes.


A student will need to repeat coursework, usually in the semester in which he/she began (results in sitting out the spring semester if began in the fall).  A formal SAP check is made at the end of this probationary semester, although academic counseling may occur throughout the semester.


If the student is meeting the SAP policy at the end of this probationary period, they continue with financial aid.  If they are not meeting SAP, they would no longer be eligible for Title IV aid.


*NOTE—Health Occupations program requirements regarding the standards required for continuation in the program and/or ability to return to program after dismissal/leave of absence may differ from standards stated for financial aid disbursement (refer to policy in handbook provided in health occupations orientation).