About MTEC

‚Äč      Welcome to Monongalia County

         Technical Education Center

                                    Mrs. Nancy Napolillo 
                               Principal/Director of MTEC 

 Dear Future Parents and Students,

     We have been busy the past several years, as we have implemented numerous initiatives and programs to provide quality education to all students.  Our belief is that all students will be Career and College ready upon the completion of one of our programs.  MTEC's mission in collaboration with our community, and educational stakeholders, is to ensure academic excellence for every student, by providing a safe, supportive, and engaging learning environment that offers a diverse array of educational opportunities and experiences.

     Our goal is to serve the educational needs of our community. Faculty and staff are dedicated to providing secondary and adult students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the constantly-changing world of work and post-secondary education. All of MTEC's programs have transitioned to become a "Simulated Workplace" where valuable lifelong lessons and workplace skills are taught and mastered.  

      Our students love attending school because learning is engaging, hands on, and project based.  In our nurturing environment we strive to show students the importance of lifelong learning whether they go directly to the workplace, continue in one of our adult programs, attend Pierpont Community College or another two years technical program, or go to a four year college.  MTEC offers twenty diverse state approved Career Technical Education programs in which students receive numerous industry credentials, embedded high school credits, college credits, service learning hours, etc. in a Simulated Workplace environment. We are certainly appreciative that parents/guardians have entrusted us to be part of their son/daughters education experience.  Please feel free to explore the programs by clicking on the pictures below.