Spring break is April 6-13
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First Day of school for K-12 is August 20, 2020

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Digital Resources for at home learning Digital Resources

Here is a list of free digital resources that can be used by kids until the end of the school year.

Arctic Academy Arctic Academy  Online Resources

Instructions and help for Arctic Academy Days.  There are activities and resources for PK-5th grade.

speech activities Speech resources

Find links to speech activities from Mrs. Dewitt and Mrs. Hershman

Kindergarten Registration and Screening Information Kindergarten Registration

K Registration and Screening 2020-2021

It's FLU Season! flu season clipart

What should parents know?  How to protect your child!

Required Immunization Information immunization clipart

Get the latest info on Pre-K, K, 7th and 12th grade requirements!

Pre-K/Head Start Registration Information Pre-K and Headstart registartion

Click here for information about Pre-K/Head Start Registration which opens February 4th.

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Principal's Message

March 26, 2020


Dear Ridgedale Families,


I want to personally thank you for all you are doing to facilitate your child’s learning during these very difficult times.   Education is important, but emotional, physical, and social well-being is what will bring us through this unprecedented health crisis.  There are many trying to work from home and be teacher for their child.   Cooking, cleaning, and family care doesn’t have office hours – at the end of the “work” day and throughout the work-at-home day, those things still are waiting to be done.   There are many without jobs right now because businesses have closed.   There are many wondering how they will make it through the next month, adding the already mounting day-to-day stress.   We don’t want to add to your plate and are doing our best to provide reasonable expectations and deadlines.   We meet daily through virtual meeting rooms to discuss and reassess our plans.   Please stay connected to your child’s teacher.   Know that they understand your stress – they are experiencing many of the same things in their own homes.


Please do all you can to spend quality time with your family: enjoy meals together, play games, and connect with love ones outside of your home through social media, text, call, etc.   Don’t socially distance yourself, physically distance yourself.  Now more than ever we need the love and support of each other.  


FYI – The lights are on in the new addition!  It is great to know that in the face of adversity there is progress being made daily!







Sheri Petitte


Ridgedale Elementary School

1550 Goshen Road

Morgantown, WV  26508


"Equitable Education for All Learners"


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