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MTEC Adult Learning Center Information

The Adult Learning Center at MTEC, located in the Pierpont building, Room 108, is a vibrant and exciting  place to learn. The Adult Learning Center is a professional educational facility which provides a flexible learning environment for the basic needs of the individual learner. We provide academic programs, skills training, and support services to help people succeed. The Adult Learning Center provides learners the opportunities to increase basic skills in math, reading, and writing. Individuals can prepare and register to take the TASC Test, which is equivalent to a high school diploma. In addition to TASC (High School Equivalency Diploma) preparation, the focus will be career and college readiness to include: basic skills instruction, job readiness skills instruction, life-coping skills instruction, computer literacy skills, and preparation for specialized examinations.  

English Language Acquisition (which replaces English As a Second Language) addresses the needs of adult English Language Learners which is also offered at The Adult Learning Center at MTEC. 

All services are free at the Adult Learning Center at MTEC.


1000 Mississippi Street
​Pierpont Center (MTEC Campus)
​Room 108
​Morgantown, WV 26501


For more information please call 304-291-9226 for testing requirements and testing eligibility. 


Adult Learning Center