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Adult Evening Education Overview



The Adult Education evening courses have been designed to offer adult students age 18 and older with general technical training.  MTEC has a variety of courses to offer students at night.  Students may enroll in the Microsoft Office bundle, Adobe Illustrator, Medical Terminology, Medical Math, Sterile Processing (1 course per year), CPR, Welding, HVAC (year long program), Woodworking, Electrical blueprint reading, Hands on Residential/Light Commercial, Hands on Wiring Diagramming, and an Electrical Apprenticeship course.




Adults wishing to pursue any classes must:

  • Schedule an appointment to meet with the Coordinator of Adult Education.
  • Complete a registration form.





Registration is taken Monday through Thursday from 1:00 to 7:00 p.m. and on Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. at MTEC beginning on the dates listed on the website, and in “It’s Your Turn” (the course schedule for Adult and Community Education). 




Tuition, which is due at registration, covers the cost of the class only and does not include books, lab fees, or supplies.  Some classes require an additional lab fee.  Textbooks and supplies are the responsibility of the individual student.  Certain safety equipment such as welding gloves and safety glasses may be purchased in the main office of the Technical Education Center.  A textbook list with ISBN numbers for all courses will be provided prior to the start of each semester.  Textbooks will need to be purchased before the first night of classes.




Evening classes are considered part-time, therefore Title IV Pell Grants and loans are not available.  Some students may secure assistance through the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation or Veterans benefits.  In some cases, there are scholarship monies that may apply to the evening classes.



Refunds will be issued only under the following circumstances:


  • Classes are canceled in which case a full refund will be given.
  • A refund is requested before the class begins or before the second class meeting.   

Students wishing to withdraw from an individual adult class must notify the Coordinator or Secretary of Adult Education.  Failure to inform the Adult Education office will result in grades of “F” being recorded for those classes in which the student enrolled.


Students may withdraw from any technical class with a “W” before the end of the 7th class.  Withdrawals after this date will be recorded as “F”.


Registration for adult education classes does not automatically carry with it the right to a refund or reduction of indebtedness in cases of inability to attend class or in cases of withdrawal. 




Students must arrange all schedule changes through the Coordinator of Adult Education.




Students may repeat a class for additional knowledge, all regular fees will apply.  Ask the Coordinator of Adult Education for additional information.



Letter grades are used to measure student progress.  Both mid-term and final grades will be reported.  Only final grades will be placed on the student’s transcript and mailed to the student.  The regular grading scale will be used except for health occupations classes which use the Health Occupations grading scale.


Regular Grading Scale


                A = 93 – 100        B = 85 – 92           C = 75 – 84           D = 70 – 74          Failing = Below 70


Health Occupations Grading Scale


                A = 93 – 100        B = 87 – 92           C = 80 – 86           Failing = Below 70




Individual instructors and the Coordinator of Adult Education establish attendance and absence policies.  Adults who are taking courses for a grade will have attendance averaged in the grade.




Adult students can take evening classes for a grade or opt to take a class for non-credit.  Individuals taking classes for self-improvement or for information can take classes for non-credit.  All adults are encouraged by the Coordinator of Adult Education to take classes for a grade.



Transcripts are maintained for each technical student enrolled in the classes.  Copies of transcripts are available through the Adult Education office.  The fee for an official transcript is $2.00.




No information from records, files, or data directly related to a student shall be disclosed to individuals or agencies outside the Technical Center without the consent of the student in writing except pursuant to lawful subpoena or court order or except in the case of specifically designed educational or governmental officials.  Information contained in such records may be shared within the center.  Records originating at another institution will be subject to this policy.