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Computer Courses


Blogging Your Life Away  -Blogging is a way for someone to create a timeline of events, topics, or diary like entries for others to enjoy and share.  Blogs are located on the World Wide Web and this class will help you become familiar with the different blogging platforms and finding an audience for your information. Google, More Than Searching? - Believe it or not, Google is more than just a search engine for finding out various pieces of information.  Google is taking over the world and you don't want to miss the wave.  

Google has a variety of apps that people can use by signing up and creating an account.  This course is here to offer you guidance for the multitude of apps developed and at your disposal.
Here is a small list of available apps: Google Docs, Gmail, YouTube, Google Play, Google Maps, Blogger, 

Computer Basics - If you know someone that has little to no computer experience then this is the class to help them plug into the digital world. 

Welcome to the World of Computers, We will cover basic computer tasks using Windows, typing with a word processor, navigating the web, and working with email.  Every student will be interacting with a computer while the teacher provides instruction.    

General Information:

Class meets twice a week for 3 weeks.

Class 1 - Windows Basics Class 2 - Programs, similarities, and features 
Class 3 - Devices attached to the computer Class 4 -  Web pages, browsing,  and searching
Class 5 - Fun with preinstalled programs Class 6 - Project and overall review 

Ground rules:

Two-minute Rule - When you work at the computer, don't struggle with a task that is not working for more than two minutes before asking for help.

NDQ Rule - There are no dumb questions in our classroom.  All questions are welcome.

Interruption Rule - Interruptions are welcome.  Feel free to raise your hand to ask a question at any time.  If you need a break feel free to take one.

Microsoft Excel 2016 - This is an introductory course to help students learn the ins and outs of the program.  The Excel program can help you produce spreadsheets, databases, and graphs for personal or professional use.

This course will meet twice a week for 3 weeks.




Microsoft Word/PowerPoint 2016 - The course is designed to give a basic overview of the Microsoft Word program.  Each student will have their own computer to use while navigating a variety of tasks the teacher has prepared.  The students will become familiar with the tabs which refer to a multitude of functions that span the Microsoft Office bundle. 

This course will meet twice a week for 3 weeks.

Smartphone Mania - Maximize the use of your smartphone!  You will learn how to bank, shop, email, and even collect coupons as these devices become our personal workstations just like the home computer used to be.  Please remember to bring whatever you want to learn and we will figure out how your smartphone can assist you in the process.  The teacher is versed in many different types of phones and should be able to put you on the correct path for the questions that you have. Social Media for Beginners - This class is for the person who wants to learn more about the different social media outlets the most people communicate with today.  The teacher will cover Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and more.