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Dress Code


Appropriate Appearance

Effective 2014-2015

Policy 4373 – Monongalia County Schools’ students will dress and groom in a manner that encourages the educational process and supports the health, safety and welfare of himself/herself or others.  Distractive or indecent dress – including any apparel that promotes behaviors and/or displays items interfering with the teaching and learning process – are prohibited by this policy.

The following are Monongalia County Schools’ guidelines to help students adhere to the Appropriate Appearance Policy:

•           Students will wear clothing that covers the body’s torso.

•           Students may wear shorts and/or skirts reaching the mid-thigh portion of the leg.

•           Students may not wear clothing that exposes large areas of the back and/or front of the body – such as fishnet inserts, see-through mesh, cut-out panels, spaghetti strap or halter tops – unless covering such items with a buttoned-up shirt.

•           Students may not wear hats, bandannas, sunglasses or hoodies with the hood up.

•           Clothing depicting and/or referencing violence, blood, knives, guns, gang membership, terrorism, sex, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, obscenities or profane language are prohibited.

•           Spiked jewelry or chains with the potential for use as weapons are not permissible.

•           Baggy clothing with the potential to pose a safety hazard or that exposes undergarments or mid sections are prohibited, as are footwear presenting a potential tripping hazard.

•           Students may wear leggings, yoga pants and/or tights under accompanying over-garments extending to the mid-thigh.

•           Inappropriate fashion not specifically covered in the above guidelines shall be addressed at the discretion of a site administrator/designee.


Revised 8/4/14