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FAFSA for High School Seniors

FAFSA for Dependent Students (High School Seniors)

To complete the FAFSA, you AND your parent will need to create an FSA ID. This will serve as your/their signature on the FAFSA. Go to (START HERE>). Check “I am the student” or “I am a parent…” based on who is applying for the FSA ID. On the next screen, there is a blue link “Create one”. Follow the steps by entering your personal email (not your school email address) and then proceeding through the identifying info and the challenge questions and answers. You and your parent will also be asked to create 1 – 2 challenge questions. (The student should complete his/her own FSA ID application and the parent should create his/her own FSA ID application.)


You can proceed with the FAFSA application process by returning to (START HERE>) at or wait until you receive the emails confirming that your identify and your parent’s identify have been verified.


Other information that will help you complete the FAFSA includes:

  • Student tax forms and W2 forms (Most students file a 1040EZ.)
  • Parent tax forms and W2 forms

Parent information that will be needed:

  • Social Security numbers
  • birth dates
  • date of marriage and/or divorce
  • Highest education of both parents
  • Address exactly as it was stated on tax forms.

How they filed their taxes:

  • Single, head of household, married filing joint, married filing separate, or qualifying widow(er)


*If given the option to transfer taxes from the IRS, please take advantage of this as you will be required to do so if “selected for verification” of the FAFSA. (Many students are “selected”.) Using the IRS data retrieval is a more accurate and easier method of entering tax information in the FAFSA.