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Uniform Policy

MTEC Student Uniform Policy
Purpose/Objectives of Dress Policy:
1. To determine proper dress for students in specific program areas, as nearly aligned with
business and industrial dress requirements as practicable.
2. To eliminate clothing which can be a safety hazard in shop areas.
3. To establish collegiality among programs and pride in oneself as well as in the school

The very nature of career & technical education indicates the need for a policy in relation
to student dress. This is justifiable because of safety factors, as well as the desire to develop
status in one’s chosen career. It is understood that the nature of the work in some programs is
extremely dirty and in others hazardous; therefore, it is imperative that students have special
clothes to change into when working. Student dress and cleanliness should be an integral part
of the total educational program.
MTEC, being part of all sending high schools and working closely with industry, attracts
many visitors. Proper attire by all students will create pride in one’s school, as well as giving the
visitors a favorable impression. Many of these visitors will be future employers of our students;
and first impressions are lasting.

Dress Regulations:
Program Uniforms
Students enrolled in all programs will be provided a uniform or portion thereof, similar to
that worn in business and industry. In general, students are to dress as required by the
standards of their field, safety considerations, and the specific workplace situation. All students
will be issued two uniform shirts at the beginning of the school year.
Uniform standards are as follows:
1. Students are responsible for maintenance of uniforms (wearing to school daily and
washing of garments).
2. All uniforms must be neat and clean; no loose or torn clothing.
3. Program instructors may recommend footwear that promotes safety within each
4. All students will also be expected to conform to any additional dress regulations of their
home high school..
5. All uniforms will be collected at the end of the school year. Students will be required to
pay a $20 fee for each article of clothing that is not returned at the conclusion of the
school year.

Adapted from Career Institute of Technology Dress Code Policy