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MTEC Attendance Policy

Regular attendance is necessary for satisfactory completion of the course.  Students are required to attend class and arrive promptly.

The regular school calendar approved by the Monongalia County Board of Education will be followed.  (This calendar differs for the Licensed Practical Nurse program.)  The Monongalia County Technical Education Center follows the Monongalia County School Policy 9 -04 on Attendance/Tardiness stating that individual schools should establish their own attendance policy.


Adults who have in excess of 10 absences are subject to dismissal.  Verification must be documented.  Absences in excess of 10 days (excused or unexcused) will eliminate the opportunity to earn a technical certificate from MTEC.

If school is cancelled due to inclement weather, the day does not count toward the 10 days of absences.  Make-up absences may be possible through approval by the teacher and administration.  High School students involved in approved extracurricular activities will not be excused more than 5 days in a given year. 

Acceptable documentation must be provided for excused absences not to exceed a maximum of 5 days per semester. 

Students may be excused only for the following reasons:

a. Illness of student verified by parent/guardian not to exceed three (3) consecutive or five (5)

    total days per semester. Verification by a physician will be required if absences exceed

    three (3) consecutive or five (5) total days per semester in order for the absence to be an

    excused absence. In the case of extenuating circumstances, the principal/designee may

    waive this guideline.

b. Bus, Failure to run

c. Calamity (Fire, Flood, etc.)

d. Death in family

e. Homebound Instruction/Hospitalization

f. Illness in Family

g. Illness verified by physician

h. Legal obligation (with verification)

i. Medical Appointment

j. Military

k. Religious holidays (Limited to two days)

l. School approved curricular/extra-curricular activity

m. Residential Setting

n. Leaves of educational value adhering to the following stipulations:

            prior submission of education plan detailing objectives and activities

            prior approval of school administrator