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Technical Admissions Policy

All students desiring admission to MTEC must file application forms in accordance with their status.


Technical Program Application


Adult students may make application through the MTEC Financial Aid Advisor/ Counselor for entrance in technical programs.  All adult students must have on file a high school diploma, transcript or GED diploma.  Prospective students will be assessed in the Adult Learning Center [(304) 291-8226] prior to being considered for admission in the technical program.  All adult students are required to pay a $50.00 seat holding fee prior to enrollment.


It is recommended that adults register by August 1 for admission.  All students will be scheduled for assessment and meet with the counselor prior to being admitted to a program.  Admission to a program is contingent upon availability of space, aptitude and pre-requisites being met by the student. 


Some programs qualify for a tuition waiver through Senate Bill 14.  The following criteria apply:


  • Student must meet all general admission guidelines.
  • Student must be a West Virginia resident
  • Student must pay a $50.00 deposit upon registration which will be refunded only after successful completion of the entire program (the student must receive a certificate of graduation in order to qualify for the refund).  Enrollment for a second training program under Senate Bill 14 is NOT within state guidelines.




No incompletes are given.  Students may withdraw and may receive a tuition refund if they withdrew prior to specified times.  Credit is given only for time completed and will only be kept on record for one school year following the withdrawal.  All technical students must meet with the Financial Aid Advisor/Counselor to complete a withdrawal.


The Monongalia County Technical Education Center does not discriminate on the basis of sex, handicap, race, color, religion or national origin, as required by the Title IX, Section 504, and Title VI.