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Changing Your Email Password

To change your email password (for students, this also changes your Chromebook/Google password as well), follow the steps below.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your full email address with (for students) or (for staff).
  3. Enter your current password and click "Submit".
  4. Click "Change Password" in the menu bar.
  5. Fill in your current password in the "Old Password" box.
  6. Type in a new password in both the "New Password" box and the "Confirm New Password" box.
    1. Suggestions for making a SECURE password:
      1. Parameters
        1. At least 8 characters long
        2. Have at least one number
        3. Have at least one uppercase letter
        4. Have at least one lowercase letter
      2. Do not use personal information (i.e. your name, birthday, address, ID number, etc.)
      3. Avoid dictionary words- they are easy to hack. Try substituting letters for similar-shaped characters. (i.e. use @ for a, $ for s, 1 for i, 3 for e, etc.)
    2. Keep in mind, technology staff can see your passwords- so keep them appropriate.
  7. If you receive an error message on your Chromebook, sign out and remove your user, then add a new user to sign back in.